Requirements for publishing an article

Requirements for the design of articles


  • electronic file – in Word format
  • font – Times
  • font size – 14 pt
  • line spacing – 1,5


  • typeface – Times
  • font size – 12 pt
  • outside rulers (border) – 1.5 pt
  • inner rulers – 0,75 pts


  • typed in the formula editor
  • All symbols are in a straightforward font.

References to literature

  • are placed at the end of the article
  • typeface – Times
  • font size – 12 pt

Figures (graphs, charts)

  • in Word, Excel editors

Article structure

UDC and/or GRNTI code and/or VAK code (according to the current nomenclature of specialties
scientific workers)

Information about the author/authors

  • Full name, surname, full name and legal address of the organization
    – in Russian and English
  • e-mail address for each author
  • the correspondent postal address and telephone number for contacts with the authors of the article (one for all authors is possible
    one for all authors) in Russian and in English
    department, position, title, academic degree – in Russian
    and English
    Title of the article – should be brief and reflect the subject of the article – in Russian and English

An abstract should indicate the relevance, the level of development, the object and the subject,
theoretical, methodological and practical importance of the theme, not less than 250, but not more than
400 symbols – in Russian and in English

Key words – chosen from the text of the article, 8-10 words – in Russian and English
in Russian and English

Text of the article – in Russian

Bibliography – should be sorted alphabetically (sources in Russian first, then in foreign languages)
The text of the article – The bibliography list must be drawn up in alphabetical order (first in Russian, then in foreign languages) and designed in accordance with GOST
R 7.0.5-2008 “Bibliographical References. General requirements and rules of compilation”
The bibliographical list (References) is also separately executed in Latin and should be written in Latin alphabet as follows: the surname and the initials are given in transliteration, the title
family name and initials in transliteration and translation in square brackets, the source
in transliteration (if it is a magazine) or in translation (if it is a monograph, textbook, etc.)